Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stray Memos

Note to self: do not start so many books at a single time--and wait until you've finished a few of them before starting more.

Ask aloud why, online at least, used paperback copies of Henri Lefebvre's Production of Space are so expensive.

I realize I tend to read fiction better when I can immerse myself in it, devour something over a few days without necessarily reading anything else too substantial at the same time.

Next novel--Sembène's Gods Bits of Wood, or Conrad's Under Western Eyes?

Beverages: summers are for iced tea and gin & tonics. Seek out smaller bottles of tonic water so that it won't go flat before I'm done with it.

Food: now that I've got the world's simplest killer salad down (mixed greens, sauteed shiitake mushrooms, grape tomatos, roasted red pepper vinaigrette), experiment with different types of greens. Roast vegetables 2-3 times a week.

Film: still taking it easy for a while, but should find some things of interest at the cinematheque and/or the videotheque this week. Shall report back to EL shortly.

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