Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Guard Yourselves, Upstanding Straight Citizens!"

Reading (
on the lesbian gangs; on cops).

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Anonymous said...

That is probably the funniest thing I've seen in ages! "Pink Pistols!"

I usually recommend watching Chris Morris's Day Today and Brass Eye news satires for an idea where news is heading but it looks like Fox News has even moved past satire!

I like the way they have a black person giving details of these lesbian gangs! Because he is already an outcast from 'normal' life and maybe has an insight into how 'these people' behave - how long will it be before Fox News employs a lesbian newsreader to comment on paedophiles? Luckily he doesn't react to the 'ethnic groups' comment!

As for the footage, it is impossible to tell whether they are lesbians, they could just be a bunch of bitchy girls having a cat fight in the middle of the road! They should come to Britain and see how drunk girls behave on a weekend night out!

I'm surprised they are doing this story, it seems to come from another ages of gay-panic pieces or films like The Pink Angels about gay biker gangs!

The big, and building, panic here in Britain amongst the tabloids and tabloid television is the Internet (perhaps because it seems dangerously uncontrolled and provides every viewpoint on every subject). There are assaults from every angle, most often associating the Internet with paedophiles and terrorism, and then suggesting that the Internet caused the problems. It is seeming more and more likely that there will be a full scale assault from the media here on the subject soon!

Perhaps Fox News could have jumped on this bandwagon rather than the lesbian gang one?