Friday, March 04, 2005

Papers, Commitments, Everywhere

Here's what I've got on my agenda, to get done soon:

Midterm papers for "History/Memory/Authorship" (I'll probably write on Hiroshima, mon amour but might opt for a comparison between Night and Fog and Brutality in Stone), "American Youth Spaces" (I'm proceeding as if I'm writing on The Fury but I just might switch to another film if I decide by tomorrow), and my classical British cinema independent study (currently working on a Powell & Pressburger paper).

Review of Le Crime de M. Lange.

Review of Martha Nochimson's book Screen Couples Chemistry: The Power of 2.

This is not to mention a slide ID midterm for my "Art of the Early Middle Ages" course (which I just wrote a short paper for) or independent research I'm doing into various subjects, and purely for my own edification.

Films (or rather, videos of films) that I want to try to watch at Bobst Library in the next few weeks that have no ties to coursework or writing obligations: The Blue Eyes of Yonta (Flora Gomes, Guinnea-Bissau, 1992), The Eye Above the Well (Johan van der Keuken), Chronicle of a Lonely Boy (Leonardo Favio, Argentina, 1965), The Virgin Spring (Bergman), and Up to a Certain Point (TGA, Cuba, 1983). If anyone feels a desire to cheerlead me and say "Yeah, see that one RIGHT AWAY!" I would be glad to hear it. I can always use motivation.

Think I can get it all done in the next 2-3 weeks? We'll see, we'll see.

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Eric Henderson said...

I'll be seeing M. Lange on an almost-big screen on Sunday, along with Charleston. (Damn him for raising the admission a buck, but the new program director of Minnesota Film Arts deserves big ups for his new "Sunday Series" program, currently working through Renoir... I'm considering requesting an N. Ray series in the future.) Can't wait to read your thoughts on the film.