Friday, January 10, 2014

Ferreri #3

Diario di un vizio / Diary of a Maniac (Marco Ferreri, 1993) This one feels like some of Brisseau's latter-day works initially threaten they'll devolve into. Well - to be fair - that's a harsher characterization of this movie than it deserves. It's actually pretty interesting, this image of a "vizio," which I think translates in Italian not simply to maniac but to pervert. At any rate, I'm not particularly invested in the tones despite being able to acknowledge the interest. I like the sense of anarchic dirtiness that's turning into a recurrent theme here with Ferreri (but really one doesn't even need to have seen any of his work to expect this), but at this point my pleasure is very detached, almost purely cerebral. Please note that the image of the nude woman on the bed, above, is in mid-dissolve to a close-up of Jerry Calà's face, his intent stare, which is a constant feature of the movie.

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