Friday, May 10, 2013


I wondered recently if early Bogdanovich might have been an influence on David Lynch. Having never been a fully-steeped Lynchian, and thus a bit impoverished on the literature, I don't know if this is well-trod material. (Cursory googling doesn't seem to yield any fruit, though.) But if you think about the dynamic juxtaposition of surreally suburban Americana with violent macabre fantasies in Targets ('68), which also presents an underbelly portrait of Hollywood stardom and up-close glamor (Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire) ... or the capricious blonde-goddess type of Cybill Shephard's Jacy in The Last Picture Show (evoked in my mind by Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway, although it must be said that Bogdanovich hardly invented this figure) ... a few things start to overlap more than I ever would have guessed.l These were/are two filmmakers I've otherwise always thought of as highly different kinds of postclassical narrative directors. But hell, "Blue Velvet" even plays on the soundtrack in The Last Picture Show. I haven't mulled this over much, so I can't put my finger on it any more precisely. It's probably all just a few evanescent coincidences that amount to nothing. But still ... what else is this blog for?

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Anonymous said...

Also the pristine black and white cinematography of desolate landscapes, dreamlike dissolves and roaring audio of prairie winds in The Last Picture Show prefigure Eraserhead and The Elephant Man's immersion of the viewer in a grimy, droning hyperreality.
This connection makes a lot of sense!