Thursday, January 03, 2013


A year-end round-up is on the way - I'll probably roll it out in all its inadequate, uneven glory sometime in the next week. As I continue to write and research in a more academic capacity, I want to keep this space useful for something and I want it to be useful in a way that will accommodate my dry spells with posting as well as my busier periods. 

For instance ... Theoretical Bibliographies. These will be constantly in-progress bibliographies for questions in or around film & media theory - not just "theory" biblios, they are "theoretical" inasmuch as they might sketch out an area that doesn't seem fully formed; something speculative.

But I may also attempt one or two more regular series or columns throughout the year.  I've intended to do these before and they've usually dissipated.  But who knows what the year will bring.

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