Friday, August 12, 2011

Image of the Day


Mr McWhirter said...

Hi Zach. I couldn't find your email on here - perhaps I'm not looking correctly!

My name's Andrew McWhirter and I'm conducting some research out of the University of Glasgow at the Toronto International Film Festival. I'm interviewing critics under the working title of Film Criticism in the Twenty-first Century and attempting to locate a 'truth' between the hyperbolic statements 'death of the critic' and 'new golden age'.

I wondered if you'd be attending Toronto and if we could arrange a chat over a coffee? If not and you're still interested in participating I could email you 6 questions to answer at your leisure.



Zach said...

Mr. McWhirter, unfortunately I won't be at TIFF, but you can reach me at campbell at u dot northwestern dot edu if you'd like. Cheers!