Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Question of the Day

If you could chat with Guy Debord's ghost for an evening (assuming that you would, like me, want to), what would you be drinking? You know Debord's would be a parched phantom. Myself, I'd blow a few days' wages on a really good bottle of scotch, possibly some solid bourbon (depends on how long this evening lasted), and a few nice Belgian beers. I imagine the night would produce a monstrous hangover.


Anonymous said...

Zach, it would have be a diet of hard spirits for a night with Guy!

Thos famous early '50s photos of the Sits at their seediest are really something, aren't they? A famous bohemian Australian, Valli Myers (who died just a few years ago - there are several docos about her amazing counter-cultural life), was there at the table with them, matching them drink for drink.

BTW, has anyone looked yet at the new book 50 YEARS OF RECUPERATION by my ex-fellow countryman Ken (McKenzie) Wark, now teaching in NY? There is sure to be something the drinking habits of the Situationists there !!

TAS said...

The Scotch/Bourbon/Belgian brew trio sounds a good menu, but in case there's not much alcohol to be had in the Beyond (something even a Situationist would find hard conceive) and old Guy wants something that can get the job done with all deliberate speed, it might be a good idea to have a bottle (or two) of Stolichnaya on hand.

I'd also recommend getting hold of some Sake (you know, for variety), but the human interior can take only so much wonderment in the course of an evening.

Anonymous said...

I think if it were summer it'd have to be absinthe, or maybe some pastis. Winter, scotch or Irish whisky.

Anonymous said...

I'd have a fruit punch vitamin water.