Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just Say No!

"Salvia's short-lasting effects and fact that it is currently legal may make it seem more appealing to teens, lawmakers say. In the Delaware suicide, the boy's mother told reporters that salvia made his mood darker but he justified its use by citing its legality. According to reports, the autopsy found no traces of the drug in his system, but the medical examiner listed it as a contributing cause." (Here.)

And just who would qualify as today's Dwain Esper, if anyone?


David McDougall said...

The tv news could probably give Esper's sensationalism a run for its money.

But I'm more interested in who might be today's Mellon/Hearst/Dupont axis of prohibition...

Frank Partisan said...

Does anybody remember "Mellow Yellow," smoking banana peels, inspired by Donovan's song.