Sunday, June 25, 2006

Round of 16

Germany! Germany! Two months before this tournament, a quarterfinal match-up between Argentina and the hosts would have had people saying "Auf wiedersehen" to Klinsmann's squad. And that still might happen: Argentina could win this whole thing, and Germany aren't guaranteed to stop them on their way. However, anyone who has watched this Cup knows that the Germans, to our pleasant surprise, are playing some of the most entertaining soccer. (Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger of SoccerNet wrote after the Poland match: "Of all the teams we have seen so far, Germany is also the one that has delivered the most unforgiving high-tempo, route-one football.") I feel my status as a Germany-supporter--over barren years!--has been vindicated by this tournament so far. It'd be a shame to see them stymied by Argentina. Just as it was a shame to see Mexico drop out after challenging Argentina so thoroughly.

I've been all over the place with my predictions, some of them way off (such as Germany continuing to play conservative soccer!) ... but two that I'm happy about predicting correctly are Switzerland topping Group G and Australia advancing to the Round of 16. I will be rooting for an upset in the Italy-Australia game--that's what would make that corner of the Round of 16 interesting, because otherwise we're looking at (probably) a straight-shot to the semis for Italy (as they can top either Ukraine or Switzerland). And Italy have given us, as I see it, the most boring soccer of the tournament, at least among the big teams. So bring it to 'em, Aussies! I'll drink a Foster's for the Socceroos.

Other predictions: England, Netherlands, Ukraine, Brazil, and Spain will advance in their respective matches. Portugal beating the Netherlands is possible, but it wouldn't be an "upset," but if there is going to be one, I'll predict Ghana to stun Brazil. Not likely, but ... . As for eyebrow-raising results, I think we may see Spain trounce France by three goals. A team with a lot of firepower versus a team that has had so much recent trouble scoring in World Cups? The only thing that stands in Spain's way is the fact that it, um, always always always underachieves.

A few words about the dearly departed Team USA: they could have done OK for themselves, but the fact of the matter seems that, while they can play well, they can't play extraordinarily well. In a Group of Death, they're still going to need a lot of luck to get out, and the fact that we faced the aging Czechs in their first and most invigorated match, that we had those two questionable red cards versus Italy, and that Ghana were awarded (in my opinion) a bogus penalty kick does not change the fact that we didn't display the high level of footballing that the Czechs, Italians, and Ghanaians all did in at least one game. Our attack is weak (the opponents' third is like kryptonite to the Americans). Our touch and our pace are nothing enviable. We may have been unlucky in a few big ways, but the fact that we exited at the group stages remains a fair estimation of our abilities & achievements--not just the US men's national team, but as a whole 'soccer culture.' Now to see if Jurgen Klinsmann can step on for Bruce Arena, as rumor has it, and try to repair our US soccer program for a good showing in 2010.

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Zach Campbell said...

Whew! How about that Portugal-Netherlands game!? I thought Portugal were the better side of the night (though not by much) and deserved their victory. And while the Portuguese were no angels, it seemed to me (from the ESPN feed at least) that the Dutch were the dirtier squad of the night, though I admit that Figo's headbutt was stupid and Arjen Robben should have drawn a PK in the first half.

Though I don't like Van Nistelrooy, I admit I felt bad for him sitting bench--mostly because Kuyt played a very bad, ineffectual game in his place, and seemed far from classy as far as personality goes, too.

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Klinsmann has done wonders to Germany, considering the dearth of talent available at his disposal. I hope he stays on for another couple of years no matter what happens with Argentina. :-)

Mubarak Ali said...

Netherlands-Portugal: What a crazy game that was!! The Dutch were the dirtier side of the match, but not by much. Some great saves by Van Der Sar. Now Portugal can really take England down in the quarters, but without three of their star men in that game (assuming C. Ronaldo's injury keeps him out), it's gonna be tough.

I think the Italians are going to make a classy comeback against the Aussies, but a win for the Socceroos will certainly make things very interesting. Everyone here's being very neighbourly and cheering for them.