Sunday, December 29, 2013


ETA for a year's end blog post - Saturday, January 4. That's the day after The Great Beauty opens here in Chicago at the Music Box, and I'm hoping to see it on Friday or Saturday and that will be my chosen cut-off for the films that might make Ye Olde Top Ten List, and those that will have to wait to be seen later. This year I've actually seen more commercial movies than I have in many previous calendar years. So I'm going to pretend like I'm 20 years old again and make a real life, honest-to-god top ten list to commemorate 2013 In Film. Of course lists like these are often a little bit silly and useless, but (a) I'll be including comments on most of the films, not just listing them straight-up, and (b) if I can get people interested in seeing or re-evaluating even just one title, then it's worthwhile. Plus, "YOLO" (as Fritz Lang would say).

(No guarantees that it will consist of exactly ten films, strictly speaking. Still working that part out. I think overall it was a solid year for feature-length cinema.)

In 2014, bloggish activities might include more content related to novels I read, and hopefully a little bit more focus on a few areas of cinema where my viewing and writing have lately grown too slack: African films, particularly from sub-Saharan nations; Scandinavian and Eastern European films; and more experimental work in film, video, multimedia.

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