Thursday, August 11, 2011

Roll the Credits

It's a cool film, and unhurried.  Road to Nowhere is perfectly content to let its viewers wallow in several blurred layers of fiction. Any "truths" emerging soon acquire counterparts and negations.  (This would make for an intriguing double bill with Ferrara's Dangerous Game.)  The humor is wonderfully dry - "fucking masterpiece."  Hellman stages the images with a remarkable sense of enigma - not just in terms of where they fit in the story's reality, but also in the way that something on the soundtrack (a gunshot, a character's high-pitched shriek-crying) or from out of the frame will stunningly transform the meaning of the shot we've just been watching.  Even if one doesn't like Road to Nowhere, I think it would be difficult to deny how unformulaic is its narrative construction.

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Brian H. said...

I've wanted to see this since first reading about it. I wonder what opportunity I'll have.