Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Missing Olson

I remember reading, somewhere, that Charles Olson used to have a class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at, say, 3pm. He'd arrive promptly on Tuesday, begin lecturing in god knows what sorts of crazy-erudite-obscure ways, and frequently keep the class late. Then, a number of the students would come out with him afterwards to the steakhouse across the street, where they'd dine & drink, continuing the discussion until the place closed, at which point they'd repair to Olson's shack, more students knocking off, the survivors remaining to continue the conversation all through the night. They'd keep talking until just before 3pm the next morning, when Olson and his most ironlike students would saunter back towards the classroom, launching into formal Day 2 of that week's lecture.

(Could anyone hook me up with the source of this story? I believe I read it online somewhere but can't seem to find the recollection ... )


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Adrian said...

Yes, Zach, Ryan invites you to blog about that !! How can you refuse ?

Why have the comments sections of my favourite film sites all gone insane lately ??