Friday, October 16, 2009

Respect Mah Celebritah!


Tim said...

the media are being such enormous assholes to this guy and his family
it's super obvious just by watching the clips that he feels awkward and a little pissed off

and the kid is obviously anxious and upset by the whole thing too, enough so that he'd puke all over himself

I don't think that just because the kid said some vague thing about "doing it for the show" that we should assume this is a publicity stunt... it seems more like the kid got bullied by the media into buying
into their story that his dad is a conman.

it seems odd, but it's easy for kids to do things like that. think back to the daycare and satanic ritual abuse mass hysteria of the '80s, when hundreds of kids were testifying in court that they had been flushed down toilets, into secret underground tunnels beneath their school, where witches flew around on broomsticks and Chuck Norris sexually molested them (this is actual testimony)

it's so upsetting that our media is so vacuous and spiteful at this point that they will take the first opportunity to turn ordinary people into celebrities, and then once they are celebrities, spit on them and make them out to be the scum of the earth

this whole incident reminds me that we're living in Andy Warhol's world now... and it's fucking terrifying

ZC said...

I mostly don't disagree with you--but I part ways in as much as I think that the father is a moderately media-savvy loon who's simply in over his head. (Or maybe not. If he gets a reality TV show like people are saying, he'll laugh his way to the bank. For a year, at least.) I don't think he's a victim, and I don't think he's a victim of a media frenzy of the same order as the repressed memory / pedophilia scare sensations.

Anonymous said...