Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mirror and Vortex

I saw this poster graffiti for the upcoming (romantic?) comedy Four Christmases this morning in the subway. I had to whip out my cellphone and take a few pictures.

"Don't you want to walk into the mirror?"
"I'm alone in this vortex."

See. I didn't know the song until I googled the lines. I like it much more thinking of these as random lines some jokester marked on their own.


Jeff Rubard said...

I once wrote "By way of this Vortex" on one of those concealed corridors they were building in malls for a while (places security could take shoplifters/rowdies and do whatever to them). At the timen I thought it was an extremely free translation of *Schluss mit diesem System*, going back to that slogan's Newtonian inflection. I don't think that anymore: usually I'm good like that.

Anonymous said...

Very suggestive and somewhat spooky. Reminds me of Thomas Ligotti. Agree that part of its charm lies in not being aware it's a song lyric.


Anonymous said...

it's not sotheby's, it's DDLM's:

best regards, DDLM's.

Ali Arikan said...

My two favourite pieces of graffiti:

The first one was on the railway bridge at Egham station. Someone had written "What do you say to a constipated cat?" Another person's answer, kindly provided with gusto, was underneath: "Fuck off."

The second one was on a huge poster promoting George Michael's then-recent album at Tottenham Court Road tube station. The album was called Older. A modern day sage had scribbled below: "But not wiser."