Saturday, May 17, 2008

This Whiner Is a Radio Show Host?


ZC said...

A tangentially amazing thing about this video clip is that there exists someone in the mass media who is so obnoxious that Chris Matthews appears, relative to him, a voice of reason, sanity, erudition, affability. Astonishing.

PWC said...

It's easy to pile on Chris Matthews, but doesn't he belong in the category of genuine weirdos who happen to hold positions of media power that are normally occupied by bland nonentities? Dan Rather was the network counterpoint--it's not like you actually learn anything from either, but I would rather have the TV news universe filled with them rather than Wolf Blitzers or Peter Jenningses of the world.

Unknown said...

Patrick, I think you're generally correct. I'd rather have a press upfront, even if unintentionally, with their political biases. But that being said, we should continue to criticize, even in an unideal state, the morons of the media, Chris Matthews included.

Zach, it's nice to see you back blogging. It seems as if your time off has rejuvenated you. I especially like your post on David Fincher, which has inspired me to return to "Panic Room."