Saturday, July 21, 2007


Thinking Bloggers (btw thanks again, Peter).

There are plenty of blogs out there that are worth reading. Some of them I mention on a regular basis and EL readers know of my admiration for this & that site. I originally was planning on scouring the Internets to see if others had mentioned these blogs before for this award, but as I'm already well behind, and as I'm a little lazy this morning as I finish this up, I'm not just trying to choose one's that, off the top of my head, haven't been chosen by blogs I frequent ... so:

Critical Montages - Yoshie Furuhashi's not-quite-frequently-updated-enough blog comes out with a number of issues related to her work as activist & writer regarding anticapitalist resistance, globalization, religion, the global south, and so on. Substantial in content but on just this side of being 'pithy' in length.

Football Is Fixed - If you're interested in the sport (soccer, that is--not American football) just go here and add a bit to your education of big money sports in the current age. Much of it is over my head because I'm embarrassingly stupid & ignorant about a lot of aspects of business. From the front page description: "AIMING TO RECLAIM THE GAME FROM THE PSYCHOPATHIC POWER PEOPLE To expose and confront the corruption that blights the beautiful game. To address the regulatory framework that allows such corruption. To optimise the betting/trading process by providing blue sky thinking and general hints relating to the gambling experience. To place football in the strata of the global spectacular society and to address feedback loops with other sectors. To celebrate proper football."

A Placid Island of Ignorance - Jim Flannery seems to have seen, heard, and read a dizzying amount of material. He & I have a friend in common, although I didn't immediately make the connection between the fellow my friend mentioned from time to time and the guy who participated in the Avant Garde Blog-a-Thon last summer. Weird synchronicity when I had our mutual friend over to my apartment and was telling him about my "counter-canon" of last year (and he mentioned Jim as an example of a positively voracious engagement with art), and when I decided to get on the computer and just show him my list, the most recent comment to my entry was left by none other than Mr. Flannery himself. Weird. I wish he'd post some more entries, myself--but he is updating his lists of things he's reading, etc., and the backlog provides for great browsing.

Rigorous Intuition - Canadian writer Jeff Wells; conspiracy theories, progressivism, philosophy, anti-pedophilia, UFOs, media studies ... there's just a lot of stuff packed into these posts, frequently illustrated by Photoshop collages and epigraphed by Bob Dylan lyrics. Like a blog version of David Blair's Wax plus Noam Chomsky and a few other things.

Waggish - Actually not too unlike Furuhashi's blog in that the entries are frequently no more than a few paragraphs, but one can always learn something, see something differently from visiting the blog. Mr. Waggish does philosophy, all manner of modernist literature and cinema, and keeps things in dialogue (e.g., continental/analytic thought).

I'm not tagging anyone. I don't need the people I've linked to to do their own. I just think EL readers should check out these places if they haven't already. Cheers.

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