Saturday, May 19, 2007


1. Did I just forget about it, or did someone drop the ball in not telling me there was a Frank Borzage biography published last year!? Why did coming across this book seem like such a surprise? (Albeit a pleasant one...)

2. Some people reading this know that I owe them a few things--they are coming very soon!

3. Except for Mean Girls (funny movie) and a few excerpts from Cassavetes, I haven't watched a film all week. But that means that I was reminded only too late that The Death of Maria Malibran was playing here ... and that I was technically in town for Liberté, la nuit but missed it because I'd accidentally included it in with the Garrels I'd have to miss when I was recently in North Carolina.

4. The FA Cup Final starts in a little over an hour--Manchester United versus Chelsea. I don't know how easily I'm going to transition into the off-season. (My plan is to spend the earlier Saturday hours I've normally devoted to matches to going to museums & galleries.) I've contemplated writing a review post of my first season really following the EPL, watching several games a week.

5. I think I've beaten the writer's block, and it's fading, but not faded all the way yet ...


john said...


i've written on your blog before and have tried my best to keep up with your posts. recently, i've had a chance to read some of your published writings and noticed that you presented a paper at the nyu cinema studies student conference. i'll be pursuing a master's there in the fall and was wondering if i could shoot you an email regarding the program. i couldn't find an address anywhere, but if you ever get a chance, i'd really appreciate any kind of correspondence.

ZC said...

Hi John - I'd be happy to tell you what I know - rashomon82 at yahoo dot com will take you to my inbox.

Of course, we'll also be in the same boat--I'm going back to school for my MA in the same program this fall, too. Part-time.