Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day, and a Project

Today as I waited for lunch outside at the dosa cart a locksmith in his van pulled up on the street and loudly called out, "Happy May Day, workers of the world!" It was a fine thing. I hope to bring more updates in the very near future, but because it is May Day we cannot let this pass: From the Clouds to the Resistance. It will eventually expand into something more. Sympathetic readers, please keep this in mind, and we will keep you updated as it gradually takes off.


David McDougall said...

Zach, tell me more - what's the concept?

Unknown said...

Spending May Day in line: the true communist experience.

(Oh, how I hope I'll get some sugar this month!)

Anonymous said...

I write you from Spain. Are you still interested in Filmkritik's group films? I could send you a copy of Hartmut's Bitomsky Imaginare Arkitektur.

ZC said...

Dave, the concept will hopefully become clearer in time, but basically it is going to be about politics and film/media, from a progressive anticapitalist perspective, as well as the perspective (not necessarily exclusively) of cinephiles: not 'cinephiles' as a broad group, but rather the root network of the authors will be cinephilic. Very roughly.

Manuel, I would love to see a copy of that Bitomsky film! If you see this, please send me a line at rashomon82 [at] yahoo.com