Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Births in Iraq

History Is a Weapon has a blog--I didn't know this. An entry from two weeks ago:

Tony Snow is the messenger dog of the empire using depleted uranium against the people of the world, Iraqi civilians and American soldiers included. It is said that new parents in Iraq are met with a new first question. No longer "Is it a boy or a girl?," but "is it normal?" The radiation across Iraq, from the current war and the previous ten years of constant bombardment, has poisoned everything and nowhere is it more apparent as in the deformities of a newborn. The chart above features the rate per 1,000 births of congenital malformations observed at Basra University Hospital, Iraq (reported by I. Al-Sadoon, et al., writing in the Medical Journal of Basrah University). The data for the period 1990-2001 show an incidence increase of 426% for general malignancies, 366% for leukemias and of over 600% for birth defects, with all series showing a roughly increasing pattern with time.


Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of accuracy, the primary effects of depleted uranium result from it's being a heavy metal and not its radioactivity.

ZC said...

Thanks, Chuckie!

Jo Custer said...

...my brother just got back from his second tour in Iraq, and he didn't know this, either.

I had read something about this, though, a couple of years ago, a file that had been released (leaked?) concerning the number of fetuses that didn't make it into the world because of various things that we gave the desert peoples to deal with, which adds up to little more than infanticide.

I don't think it's any coincidence that we haven't heard any anit-abortion posturing from the current administration. Not one bit, I'm afraid.