Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Avant-Garde Egg

I think this is video, by a YouTube user named 'ashtonwolfe,' and which was linked to by an anonymous commenter in the previous entry, is hilarious. It's a clever pastiche from a few American avant-garde films from the end of the 1960s, Paul Sharits' T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G (which has the flicker effects and neons exemplary of his work, and the "destroy-destroy-destroy" soundtrack) and N:O:T:H:I:N:G (flicker, neon, plus the broken eggshell is a reference to the broken lightbulb in this film), and Hollis Frampton's Lemon (I actually haven't seen this one, but apparently: light moving around a lemon).

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