Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Afternoon in New York

(Ed. note--Gabe Klinger returns to Elusive Lucidity with some more festival reports. This is a prologue to Torino.)

A New York whirlwind: my presence barely registered on the city, but in a mere six hours I managed to lunch with Zach – persuading him once again to host me on Elusive Lucidity –, visit my friend Nemo on the Harlem set of his new movie (where I also met Hope, the super-hero lead), chat with the wonderful Sara Driver in Soho, and meet a former Chicago chum, Andy, for a beer on Bowery. If you're lucky enough to have the option, New York is the perfect place to charge one's batteries before a festival trip. Just standing on the corner of Spring and Lafayette waiting for Andy to arrive I felt awakened by the purposeful bustle of the human traffic, a steady stream of excited faces that left me wondering, enviously, what each and every person on the street was going off to.

To follow: first impressions of Turin, an encounter with Olaf, Robert Aldrich's Emperor of the North, and drinks with the Slovenian critical contingent

An incredible autumn day in New York.

Zach Campbell, illustrious blog owner

In Harlem: Nemo and his mantle of pictoral curios.

Hope: a super-hero in uniform

At nightfall: a cig with Sara in the park

Andy on Bowery. A farewell beer...

Departure from JFK.

--Gabe Klinger

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