Friday, October 13, 2006

Quote of the Day (IMDB Special)

The Comment:

"I am aware that this has won awards. There is something to this, that this film, like Titanic, scratches some Emo-self pitying itch that a better film never could without letting us be aware of it and sickened at ourselves.

"For my part, I say everything you can learn about absolute control of shots and minimalistic pedestrian acting, you should just see the later film Wall Street, it's very controlled, and it's actually about money, instead of about idiocy." (Final paragraphs,

The Film:

L'Argent. Not joking.


Vadim said...

"Wall Street" was used as a model screenplay in a screenwriting class I had to take.

Noel Vera said...

You should get your tuition money back. They didn't have a copy of, say, Chinatown or a Sturges screenplay available?

Andy Rector said...

wall streeet was used in a film production course I took too! the teacher was heavy on Stone (also picked Platoon as a model). I quit the course and school altogether!
The real models are in bresson...

Noel Vera said...

My impression is, they can't be bothered to dig up a real script. I'll bet I can download a few decent ones for free online--North by Northwest or Vertigo, anyone?