Saturday, March 25, 2006


I'm seriously contemplating starting a food blog, very likely group one. It would be nowhere near as good as some of my favorites (e.g., the hands-down unbeatable EatingAsia, the very useful NYCNosh, the stream-of-consciousness explosion of personality at The Girl Who Ate Everything). But it might still cover some great little-known restaurants, post a few excellent recipes. I have a few friends in "real life" with whom I might do this. But I wonder if it would be a good idea to get film bloggers, many of whom I know are at least part-chowhounds, to have a voice at this blog. I mean, I haven't really discussed this part with my friends, but would there be any interest in having a "film blogger" (or "arts & culture blogger") contingent at a group food blog? (Or, less regularly, the occasional guest blog entries?) How many readers here are big fans of food & drink, and how many among that group would be interested in a cinephile's pre- or post-screening Vietnamese as much as the screening itself?


Anonymous said...

I know I like eating.

Robyn said...

Thanks for linking to my blog! "Explosion of personality" sounds a lot better than "insane weirdo".

I'm not much of a cinephile (last movie I saw: Harry Potter), but last year I actually took a food and film class. I watched...a gajillion movies. It was cool. I guess I'd watch movies if they were centered around food. (cough)

girish said...

I know I'd be a reader of the blog.
And perhaps, once in a while, I could post a couple of my mom's South Indian recipes.

Anonymous said...

I have great ambitions of becoming a better and more patient cook. (But, then again, I have all kinds of great ambitions. It's the follow-through that trips me up.) For a couple months now I've been toying with the idea of adding recipes to my site, with the hope that, if done properly, cooking -- the creative, deliberate act -- could become another "long pause" in my life.

I'd definitely be up for a food blog experiment.

Michael Guillen said...

As would I!! I'm actually about to profile one of my favorite chefs on The Evening Class--Eric Gower. He's created a marvelous Japanese-California fusion cuisine. If you guys ever come visit SF, I'll host a dinner and have Eric cook for us!

David Lowery said...

I love the idea, especially if the blog keeps food and cinema joined at the hip. I'd be happy to throw a few vegan recipes into the mix.

Anonymous said...

We'd be happy to throw the occasional short (via digicam or hand phone) from Asia into the mix. This is a great idea -- a very different kind of food blog. Think the blogosphere is ripe for it.
Thanks for the mention.

ZC said...

Matt, I don't trust anyone who doesn't like eating.

Robyn ... you know, I never put two and two together and realized that the people behind EatingAsia and The Girl Who Ate Everything, two regularly-read food blogs on my part, are both named Robyn. Robyn Who Ate Everything: I love your blog, you are the James Joyce of food blogging. (By the way, I'm an NYU alum--class of '05.)

Girish, Darren, Michael/Maya, and David--I'm glad to hear of support and potentially contributions from your corner. I'll keep readers updated if (probably more a matter of when) this really gets into gear.

Robyn Who Ate Asia, thanks for dropping by--your blog is great beyond words, I mean it, when I first discovered I spent at least an hour reading entries, drooling over the photos, and was filled with a burning desire to eat something SE Asian. And the occasional dispatch from you in your neck of the woods would be an invaluable addition!

Anonymous said...

It's weird isn't it -- I never in my life have met another female Robyn with a 'y' and since we started the blog I've 'met' (virtually, that is) three. Go figure.
We know next to nothing about film and are kinda out of over here ... but you know, you could always break things up with the occasional useless short highlighting, say, the art of roti tossing or betel nut chewing.