Friday, February 03, 2006

Rotterblog (5)

Feb 2, '06

Who knows what hidden masterpieces lurk deep in the programs of film festivals? The shadow knows! So yesterday I went to see a film with Olaf (the shadow) Möller. Have you ever heard of Hara Masato? I hadn't, but apparently he's one of the key experimental filmmakers of Japan. His dual-screen 16mm epic, The First Emperor [1973-93], was projected last night... woah! (Notes forthcoming...)

Hara Masato was the screenwriter for Oshima's great great great The Man Who Left His Will on Film (1970). He has also made a musical which the shadow hasendorsed, called 20 Centuries Nostalgia (1997). Somebody program a retrospective of this guy!

Off to Amsterdam for the day, though when I return: drive-by comments on many, many films...

--Gabe Klinger

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