Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Almost Knocked Down Henry Kissinger

No joke.

I heard about it first this afternoon at the Dosa Guy--some big function to be held at NYU's law school across the street tonight. A former Mexican president, the current Colombian president, and Henry Kissinger were to be among the attendees.

So after staying late at work I was in a hurry to get to the subway. Walking fast along West 4th St. in front of the law school I was ready to zip behind three fellows as they exited a car to head into the law school. One of them stopped and gestured to his companion behind him to return to the car for something. Because he stopped, my trajectory and his trajectory were to have met if I didn't slow down. I awkwardly slammed on the foot-brakes a pace or two in front of him.

It was after I stopped that I realized this damn-tourist-who-didn't-know-how-to-walk was none other than former Secretary of State and Nixon lackey Henry Kissinger. After a moment I walked on, stunned and incredulous.

Did I do the right thing by stopping my stride?


Anonymous said...

No you did not.

Good to run into you, even if we agree on roughly less than nothing other than the awesomeness of Don Siegel.

ZC said...

Yeah, it was nice to see one more person I actually recognized and had met there. And Don Siegel's awesomeness is a good mutual interest to have.

Anonymous said...

Should've kneed him in the nuts.

Jaime said...

You should have brought all those dead Cambodians, Vietnamese, and American soldiers back to life.

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