Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Restaurants I Must Try in Queens

So ... this post isn't at all movie-related, but I'll be settling in Astoria post-graduation (and being on the G/R/V I'll be within 45 minutes of pretty much any theater I'd want to go to--and just a nice walk from AMMI). But I am so psyched about the food in NYC's best dining borough. Here are some must-try restaurants for me in Queens:

La Pollada de Laura (Peruvian)
Mombar (Egyptian)
Kebab Cafe (Middle Eastern - Lebanese? can't recall)
La Flor (mix/bakery)
Viko's (Mexican)
Pio Pio (Peruvian)
... and a particular Greek place whose name escapes me (out of the dozens in Astoria)

Also: frequent return visits to Tangra Masala and Sripraphai are in order. Bring the heat. Bring it.

I'll be back sooner or later with something substantial to post.

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