Thursday, February 24, 2005

It Would Be Much Appreciated ...

I am in search of various videos and texts and it would be incredibly helpful if anyone out there were to point me in their direction (or, say, lend a VHS dub). Some of these things include:

- Jorge Sanjinés' Yawar mallku (Blood of the Condor) - 1969 Bolivian guerrilla film

- The Raúl Ruiz films that aren't on commercial VHS/DVD; that is, most of them, especially Three Sad Tigers, In the Penal Colony, Mammame, City of Pirates, Treasure Island, and any of the films he's done in the past few years like Love Torn in a Dream or Ce-jour la.

- The work of Harun Farocki, and in a related query, good English translations of Filmkritik criticism, which Olaf Möller has me itching for after re-reading his essay (available first in a volume on Farocki, but available on Senses of Cinema
here.) Any and all film/video works by the Filmkritik grouop is of interest to me, a neophyte, though. So that also means Thome, Bitomsky, Bühler, et al. And in fact, now that I've mentioned Möller, I would love to get my hands on some of the things he recommends off-the-cuff that I've never even heard of. Check his Senses of Cinema year-end lists to see what I mean.

- Alain Guiraudie's That Old Dream That Moves (2001)

- Abel Ferrara's 9 Lives of a Wet Pussy (1977)


David said...

Hi, I was wondering if you managed to find Tres Tristes Tigres (Tres tristes tigres) by Raul Ruiz. I've been locking for this film for a long time as my father acts in one of the sequences.
My name is David Miranda and I'm living in Philadelphia, so please contact me if you have any copy.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Anonymous said...
has a link to "yawar mallku."
drop a line!

Anonymous said...

Ruiz collectors - drop me a line at

I have some of his films, some rare, but am looking for more.

Clenbuterol said...

It seems to me that I have met this filn City of Pirates on a Russian torrent tracker. Why don't you look for them on torrents sites?

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