Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just an announcement. I've been in New York since August 2001, and I will be leaving New York in August 2009. I've had eight great years—the longest I've ever spent in one place, and I consider NYC home. And I'll post more about that later this summer, I'm sure. Life will see me land on Chicago's North Side or thereabouts, once again as a full-time student, pursuing a PhD in the Screen Cultures department at Northwestern University, a place which (in addition to the film & media scholars) has a number of heavy-hitters (to cite a few) in political and social thought. I'm quite excited.

Chicagoans, past and present: I'd be more than happy to hear advice about restaurants, neighborhoods & apartments, the repertory film scene, bookstores (especially since the Seminary Co-op is going to be a hike), videostores on par with Odd Obsession or Facets, or how to cope with ungodly Midwestern winters. I do know Chicago a bit already, as my fiancée hails from the area and I've visited maybe 10 times, but it's a big town so I'm all ears.


Caught up in 'the game,' games, ratings games (media competition), emergent audiovisual formulations of aggressiveness (a loss of civility, the elevation of competitive aggression's manifestations over formally contained friendly rivalry). Bursts of rage. Deterministic antagonisms.

Spectator sports are a huge part of the social experience of the cinematic age. The fact of spectatorship according to bound rules, persistently reiterated, insists upon a particular truth-claim about how humans behave, particularly as they behave under pressure. More and more precariously, above the chasm of hellish anarchy, we cling to the brutal comforts of a socioeconomic system that has the privilege of defining (including obliquely) its alternatives.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


A revolutionary on the run goes to a new land where he, wielding powers, wreaks a bit of havoc. So it goes. So it may go.

Excursions into the vast wasteland may follow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Desire of the Analyst

Readership, have you withered away? I don't blame you. I've been so boring here for such a long time. Last autumn was busy & stressful for me and I expected that much. Less prepared was I for the stress and exhaustion of more recent months. But things have been turning out just fine, and I think that new content will work its way back onto EL more often the near future.


Recently watched the first two episodes of In Treatment (HBO). Interesting here how savvy the show assumes its viewers to be with certain aspects of therapy. But this familiarity comes across as a matter of textual reading more than of any intimate knowledge of psychoanalysis as a discipline. One recognizes, and delights in, the subtleties and red herrings of the process because one is steeped in an easily-worn knowledge and irony of the conventions of not only texts but their interpretation.